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lung nodule

I went to a doctor for a TB screening x-ray because I can't have the Mantoux skin test.
The x-ray showed  findings: 1cm nodular density overlying the sixth anterior rib near the costochondral margin. ,conclusion: questionable pulmonary nodule verses prominent end of the Rt. sixth rib.
They did not clear me for TB at this point, notified( and alarmed my employer that they "saw a spot" on my x-ray-Hello Hippa ! ). Could this be TB?  I need to be cleared from this TB issue so i can work.
My issue is that, as well as not wanting to have a CT. I have had so many CTs and MRI's (7 CT's and 2 MRI's) in the past 2 years. Not to mention CXR's. I'm about glowing now !!!  I don't want to have more. Just want to be able to work. In reading many other horror stories of nodules on posts here, I'm wondering if it's really worth the effort. And, I still need to be cleared of TB tho. ugh. What are the chances this is TB or cancer?
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Hi there. A solitary pulmonary nodule on xray chest needs to be evaluated whether it is benign or malignant and needs surgical resection or not. Usually all solitary pulmonary nodules are benign but may represent an early stage of cancer. Solitary nodules causes, are due to neoplastic(benign or malignant), metastasis, lymphoma, hamartoma, connective tissue tumors. it could be a granuloma of tubercular origin, lung abscess etc. CT halo sign or ground glass attenuation surrounding the nodule on CT image indicates TB and biopsy needs to be done bronchoscopically or via Trans thoracic needle aspiration. This should confirm the diagnosis. Hope this helps. Take care.
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