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pet tumor whole body

Can you help me understand this:


HEAD/NECK:   There is an area of abnormal FDG uptake involving the right

thoracic inlet medially with an SUV level of 6.2 which corresponds with a small

lymph node.  

LUNGS:   Focal mass seen within the left upper lobe as discussed on previous

CT chest demonstrates a focal area of abnormal FDG uptake with an SUV level of

13.5.  There is also some small nodular densities which are seen just inferior

to the dominant mass which most likely represent tiny satellite lesions with an

SUV level of 2.5 and 2.0 a respectively.  Extensive COPD changes  

MEDIASTINUM/HILA:   Along the superior mediastinum there are tiny foci of

increased FDG uptake which corresponds with anterior mediastinal lymph nodes

with SUV level of 4.9 and 4.4 respectively extending more caudally is a

prominent peritracheal lymph node with an SUV level of 12.0 which extends into

the precarinal space with an SUV level of 12.4.  There is also an anterior

mediastinal enlarged lymph node which demonstrates an SUV level of 14.8 as well

as small right hilar and subcarinal abnormal lymph nodes with FDG level of 5.2  

CHEST WALL/AXILLA:   Normal.  No pathological FDG activity.    

ABDOMEN:   Mild lobulation of the left kidney with bilateral intrarenal

calculi some vascular calcifications.  There is some mild FDG uptake throughout

the bowel which I think is probably artifactual.  No discrete uptake is seen

within the liver PELVIS:   Normal.  No pathological FDG activity.    

BONES:   Normal.  No pathological FDG activity.  No suspicious lesions on CT


LOWER EXTREMITIES:   Normal.  No pathological FDG activity.  No suspicious

lesions on CT imaging.  

OTHER:   Negative.    


CONCLUSION:   1. Dominant right upper lobe mass with adjacent tiny satellite


2.  Extensive mediastinal adenopathy as described.  With areas of FDG abnormal

uptake as well as adenopathy within the right thoracic inlet and superior

anterior mediastinum.  
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