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soft tissue

What does a soft tissue mass in your left lower lobe mean.
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What was the imaging tool used which produced the report of soft tissue mass? Bear in mind that the imaging tool cannot really tell whether something is really soft tissue or not. Hence, it is something that looks like soft tissue. The list would include a number of things, from abnormal collections of normal tissue (put another way, normal tissue that is placed in an abnormal location) such as hamartomas, collections of infection (abscess or granuloma, fungal balls). Occasionally the description can be used to describe any opacity, and some of these may only be transient thickening or consolidation of the lung, and then upon repeat examination – the so-called mass apparently disappears.
It would be best to have a discussion with the doctor who requested the X-ray. There are usually a few things in the doctor’s mind when the particular test was requested.    
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It was a RAD CT Thorax W/O Contrast.  Multiple axial images were obtained from the lung apices to the adrenal glands w/o contrast.  Multiplanar images were manipulated on an independent work station.
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