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spot in lung 9mm

this spot started in 09, was 4mm in 09..my pulmonary doc has been watching it, says to small to do a pet scan, wants at 1 cm at least. From 09 till 2012 it grew 5mm,,the rest the time was watching..i seen him Monday, told me the CT scan did show it grew 1 mm..wants to Waite another 6 months..said this one is caisafiled,so what does this mean?/ they know already there's something in it?? I had another 1 said wasn't anything.. im copd,still smoke long time..i had asked doc why Waite lets do this, says once it reaches 1 cm we will..so the way its growing be in 6 monthes..I'm not sure were its at.im going to find out though

so help,whats this all mean??
its growing what else could it be??  I've herd could be anything, but wouldn't they no if it was junk or not?? any help thank you
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Hi mate. Im in Australia and had both top thirds of both lungs removed from cysts forming and causing lung collapses. Why you still smoking then dude. I'm telling you, give up. I didn't smoke and was 16 and 18 when had the surgeries. If it's calcified that's probably a good thing. It means it's going hard and is most likely contained to itself. How old are you. I am 37 now.
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I'm 51 in Ohio usa,he says way to small, but it is growin,didnt grow any 3 yrs,then 2012 started..i,m not sure if its calcified of non..i had a scan for suttem else in 09 they spotted it then. Not many people come to this site..yep I,m 51 and feeling it..happy thanksgiving!!!
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