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subpleural nodule and back pain

I've had mid back discomfort on and off the last 6 years.  It's been diagnozed so far a back strain.  I'm also post thymectomy (6 years) with history of myasthenia gravis. My 2000 CT Scan showed "evaluation of the lung parenchyma demonstrates a 1mm subpleural nodular density in the right upper lobe with an adjacent linear component, most compatible with a small scar."  Everything else was normal.  My current (2007) CT Scan showed: "Stable 3mm subpleural nodule seen in the right upper lobe anteriorly and laterally.  Remainder of lungs clear. Impression: No acute findings.  "Everything else is unremarkable.
Can you please explain subpleural nodule and the use of the word stable in this report?  Also, over 7 years is it normal for a nodule to increase in size from 1 to 3mm?
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As the CT scan report says the lesion is 'stable' would mean a non progressive lesion usually used to denote a benign lesion. It is not a significant increase in size if the lesion has gone from 1 to 3 mm in 7 years. What is advisable is that a PET scan be discussed with your physician, so that the possibility, even if remote of a malignant lesion can be ruled out. Also, in consultation with your physician an yearly CT scan would be advisable to keep a record on the progrees in size of the nodule.
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