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unclear patch on lung

hi am 23 years old went to hospital with chest pains lasted roughly 5mins, had x ray told all was ok sent home, a few days a go got a letter from hospital saying had a 2nd look and there is a small unclear patch on my lung is it any thing to worry about and any ideas what it could be?
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Hi there. The various causes of patch on a chest xray when you had chest pain as the chief complaint could be emphysema, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung abscess, rib fracture, lobar atelectasis, malignant lesions etc. wait for the meeting, carry any old xrays or other imaging studies of chest for comparison. Make note of any constitutional symptoms like fever, cough, and weight loss. Consult a pulmonologist after your physician. Management would be according to the cause. Hope this helps. Take care.
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hi thankyou for your reply, i went to my doctors gave me more detail said 14mm opaque patch but not were abouts in the lung, i asked if it something i should be concerned about said to wait after the 2nd xray which is tommorow morning, maybe this could give some more idea on what it could be many thanks
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I was wondering if you can share the outcome and or treatment you had to go through after you got your second x-tray.  My husband has been experiencing the same symptoms and he's on antibiotics and now waiting (1 week) to take another x-tray to see if the meds is helping.  I would appreciate if you can give me some info.  

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