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Diabetes, MS or RA?

Hello There.  I am a 47 year old woman and was recently had an episode of Optic Neuritis.  My opthamologist immediately had me have an MRI and it came back clear.  He said not to worry about MS but follow up with a neurologist.  I also have had pins and needles in my fingers and feet but no other symptoms of MS.  I am thinking it could be Diabetes as I have more symptoms associated with that and did have borderline gestational diabetes.  No one in my family has ever had MS however my mom has had autoimmune issues but is a healthy 88 year old.  
I also had Fifth Disease from my son about 5 years ago and it have me a severe case of onset RA and have had arithitis pains since. But have never followed up with a professional.
I have an appointment with Primary Care doc on Friday and will go over all of this but just worried as to what it could be and if anyone else has had those symptoms with Clear MRI and still had MS?
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