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New to the site but not new to Lupus

Hello all, glad I found this site, seems really informative and has such a diverse group.  I am hoping to get to know everyone and see how other people are dealing with this disease.  Things they have found helpful, new ideas.  Things like that.  I need a site and support because, not sure if anyone else does this, every now and again I just get in these ruts where I just feel like why me, this is BS, it's not fair, and I just want to punch Lupus in the face for making me deal with this garage.  I had my whole life ahead of me and now my major concern is " If I do this today I wont have the energy to do that tomorrow". And that *****.  No one can really understand what it's like if they are not dealing with it.  It's very easy to say to someone "If you feel better when you work out just push yourself to do it" when they have never been so exhausted that they could literally sleep at any given moment.  Just looking for some Lupus peeps to talk with so feel free to msg me :)
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