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Very troublesome burning pain all over my body...

I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome back in 2010, but I did not truly follow up on the matter until 2012 when I suffered from a blood clot in my lung.  At the time all of my blood tests came back normal, so doctors connected the blood clot to my birth control.  This blood clot occured in the summer of 2012.  Fast forward to the fall of 2012 and I started experiencing a troublesome burning sensation all over my body and shocking pains through my body.  The burning feels like a slight sunburn and the shocking feelings feel like a zap like if you're shocked by someone but a little more intense.  The pain is indiscriminate.  I have felt the pain in my legs, feet, arms, hands scalp and face.  When the burning first started my rheumy suspected Raynaud's and put me on Nifediac, it has hepled a bit and the pain is not as intense as when it first occured but still troublesome.  For some reason these pains did not start occuring until I got off of coumadin which I used to treat my bloodclot.  Has anyone with Sjogren's had this experience?  Could it be the Sjogren's or something else?  I am wondering if I have Antiphospholid Antibody syndrome since I saw burning sensations can be a side effect and the fact that I did not have any problems when I was on coumadin.
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