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what to do no closer to a diagnosis

Hi all this is my first post here. I am hoping someone else has had a similar experience and gotten an answer. I am a 41 yo white woman. I have had some muscle twitches since my 20's. In the past year they have become horrid. About 7 months ago neuropathy joined the party. I have had tests for sjogrens (neg), MS(neg), ANA(neg), I have nerve study showing fasics and cramps and nerve study showing neuropathy. I have elevated sed rate and creactive protein. No sugar issues. All vit minierals in normal range. Important history my MGM died of ALS, MGF died of Good pastures (auto-immune), Mother died of adreanocarcinoma. I am taking gabepentin which only helps for the first part of the night. I am on trazadone to help sleep as well. So my questions is what could this be and how can I get better or just manage it. Thanks
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