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Anyone had total reverse shoulder repl with bad outcome

One day during physical therapy when I was doing my isometrics, I was pushing out with the top of my hand and the doctor had told me before that I should not rotate my arm out that way. I didn’t think anything about it and I did as I was instructed and as I was pushing out I heard a pop and shortly after my shoulder was in a lot of pain. By the end  of the session, it hurt really bad and I told her that. Her response, as it was last session, was that it was just muscles engaging etc. So about 8 o’clock that night I was in tears because it hurts so bad it was a pain level nine and I have dealt with a lot of pain.  I called my surgeon  and he said to stop Physical Therapy and to see him in his office. He is a leading surgeon in this type of surgery so I was surprised when he acted like he had no clue who I was and didn’t even bother looking at my chart before he came in because he wanted x-rays and I had already done x-rays prior to seeing him and his office did them.  In a nutshell he said the new shoulder was fine and to continue on with PT and see him in three months. I would just like to know what I did because I feel in my heart that something more is wrong.  I’ve had both knees done both thumbs  and ankle so I am no stranger to artificial joints. They say shoulders are the worst but I know something else is wrong.  Maybe the word wrong is not the correct word to use.  I just know there is more to the story.  First of all I was wondering if anyone else has had a reverse shoulder replacement. Secondly I would  like  to know where you were at 3 6 & 9 months post op.  Like how far you could lift your arm. I just can’t imagine that I am three months out and I can’t lift my arm maybe 3 inches. I am very discouraged and blame myself for having the surgery.  Both my rotator cuff‘s are torn and the right one bothers me periodically but  I’m left-handed so I thought I should have it done before I get too much older (I am 55 and have had lupus since I’ve been 18).  Thank you in advance!
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