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A case for House - Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

Hello, I am a 41 year old male that was in good health prior to March 2008. The only medical issues beforehand was high cholesterol which I was taking 20mg of Lipitor for. To give some structure to this post I have broken it into symptoms, actions taken, medications and other treatments under taken.


1.      Facial numbness – started March 2008 at the top of the head on the right hand side and then spread to the left hand side. Felt like I had shots of Novocain. My skin at that time (and to this day) is sometimes sensitive when hair brushed or moved in certain directions. During March/April the numbness proceeded down the right side of my face to my chin. Then the numbness proceeded down the left side of my face to my chin.  In August the numbness proceeded to the lips, gums and throughout the mouth. It is now at the stage where I am frequently unable to feel food on my lips and in my mouth (especially with small pieces). This causes me to bite my lips and cheeks. Additionally, food falls out of mouth when chewing which is rather embarrassing.
2.      My scalp itches really bad at times. This started from the beginning (March 2008). Water on my face has the effect of causing itching around my eyebrows.
3.      October 2008: Episodes of Raynaud’s Syndrome came on strong with severe discoloration of the hands and feet. The tips of my fingers appeared at times to be completely white as if no blood was flowing through them. At other times, my left thump had a tingle in it that is similar to that felt when the nail is cut too short exposing flesh that would normally be covered by nail.
4.      From November 2008 I developed severe fatigue with aches in my right leg in particular.
5.      From October 2008 the vision in my left eye became blurry. It proceeded to get much worse and now I can’t read anything using only my left eye.
6.      From December 2008, I have had trouble eating with fits of coughing when I first start to eat. This has led to weight loss of around 20 lbs from a healthy 175 pounds to a skinny 155. Additionally I recently developed a runny nose while I am eating and hot flashes after eating.
Actions taken:
1.      I went to see a Neurologist and Rheumatologist in March 2008 and had a battery of tests done including MRI’s and Cat Scans of the head and trigeminal nerves. Thankfully the MRI’s and cat scans came back normal. Initially the Neurologist said it was a rhuematological issue and the Rheumatologist said it was a neurology issue. The final diagnosis is Mixed Connective Tissue, but that is a broad category and tests have not narrowed it down. The blood work from April/June and November showed up the following similar results across the 3 testing dates:
2.      SM/RNP AB: >8.0 POSITIVE
4.      SCL-70 AB, EIA: <1.0 NEGATIVE
7.      CCP IGG: <20 NEGATIVE
9.      WBC: 4.0
10.  TSH: 5.57
11.  LYME ANTIBODY: <0.9

1.      Shots of Cortisone in March/April 2008 – no effect or improvement.
2.      April - Course of Prednisone - no effect or improvement. After this it was decided to take a wait and see approach to see if it got better or worse.
3.      December 2008 – another course of Prednisone (20mg per day in the morning) – this eased the fatigue and had a positive affect for about a month on the Raynaud’s.  The pains in my right leg disappeared and a lesser pain surfaced in my lower left leg again about one month. I have been advised that the next course of medication would be methotrexate, an antimetabolite/immune suppressant.

Other treatments undertaken:
1.      Energy healer/Acupuncturist April 2008 until June 2008
2.      Total body detox including going off Lipitor from April until November.
3.      Chiropractor from June 2008 until July 2008 – made some neck adjustments although nothing new to add overall.
4.      Neurology Chiropractor September 2008 – nothing new to add.
5.      Reflexologist – December 2008.

The question I have is does anyone know what I have and how I can cure it. Thanks for your help.
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