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ANA test results

I was just reading about the ANA test, and I am trying to find some information - I am new here.. I have been part of the MS forum for a while, but have now been dx with Lupus. My ANA test came back positive, but Rumie test came back negitive.. She was on the fence at first with the dx, because these two tests werent both positve. - Can anyone help me out with this? None of my other tests were positive, just my Cholesterol was extreamly high. So I have to make drastic changes to my diet. - I am 30 years old. - I am just a wee bit confuzzeled!!
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For some reason the ANA levels fluctuate.  And they dont' neccssarily correlate w/  disease activity.  That part of it I don't understand.  I just know that my levels fluctated until I realized that sun exposure can cause the ANA to spike if you have lupus.  So keep that in mind during future test.  It sounds like you are still in the dx stage of it all.  You can have a pos. ANA w/ MS as well.  

Do you know the level of your ANA and the pattern?

I know that garlic can bring down bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol.  I take the enteric coated so I don't burp up the garlicy after tast.  My last test was WOW!  So I'm now on the garlic  bandwagon.  Hope it works for you like it did for me.  

Keep us posted.
You're in my prayers.
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Sorry it took me so long to reply... I have been trying to figure out more tests that they are sending me for. -- I also had an ENA test done because the ANA was positive, and that came back positive - 1/ 790 -  and speckled... ? What is this test for? I have been trying to do some reasearch on this one, and there is lots on the ANA test but not on the ENA test. Any answers would be great. Thank you :)

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Sorry for butting in. I'm not diagnosed with anything yet and am in the research stage.

ENA stands for Extractable Nuclear Antigen. This includes anti-Sm, anti-Ro, anti-La, anti-La, anti-RNP, Anti-Scl70, and Anti-Jol.

The ENA tests should help them narrow down your diagnosis. For instance:

Anti-Sm is typically a sign of SLE.

Anti-Ro is typically  associated with lupus skin disease and/or and Sjögrens syndrome.

Anti-La can be associated with SLE or Sjögrens syndrome.

Anti-RNP is associated with SLE, if both it  and anti-dsDNA antibodies are present, or with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, if present alone.

I'm not sure about the other antibodies.

Hope this helps.

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I also had a positive ENA test, and it was also 1/790 speckled - advised me I have Ranuds phenomion... and a sphereocytosis ? - I have been diagnosised with Lupus. They are just doing some further testing. I ended up with the butterfly rash the past little while, and they are just gathering information. My next appointment with the rhumie isnt until August.  - They havent put me on any meds yet, and I am suffering horribly.. any one have any suggestions to relieve some pain?

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If you can take Alleve/Naproxene, that would probably be the best thing to try.

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Marisa, you can butt in anytime.  My slow dial-up sometimes prevents me from coming onto MedHelp for some reason.  I appreciate your expert advice.

The Speckled pattern is the pattern the ANA showed on the microscope.  It is seen in SLE and numerous other autoimmune diseases and in some healthy individuals in low titers.  You obviously don't fall in the healthy category.  Do you know what your ANA level was?  Marisa is much more familiar w/ the ENA than I am.  So your ENA numbers I don't feel I can expound on.  

Who dx you w/ lupus?  If the rheumy you are going to see in Aug. did, I would call them to see if they could call you in a prescription since you are suffering so much.  
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