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Autoimmune question help!!

I thought maybe someone could help me connect the dots because I'm miserable and lost....here is what is going on

I am a 19 years old female. About five months ago I went to the doctor for the feeling of pins and needle on my shoulders,torso, and thighs. She sent me to a neurologist, after my MRI came up clean. He did blood tests that came up with an ANA of 1:320 so he sent me to a rheumatologist and she took further blood test and my ANA was higher at 1:1280 speckled. She has done multiple blood test but I was negative for lupus and hoshimotos thyroiditis. Also my b12, creatine, hormones, t3, t4, and lupus panel is normal  Here is a list of my symptoms:

pins and needles in arms, torso, and thighs
tenderness in arm and shoulders that worsens at night
severe sharp pain in shoulders that radiates down my arms
severe fatigue
heart palpitations
sudden weight gain
red bumpy rash on chest
I have Gilbert syndrome so my liver has a hard time processing bilirubin, so I will get nauseous and I have a hard time digesting food.
I do not have a gallbladder or appendix

My mother has psoriatic arthritis, my maternal grandfather had ankylosing spondylitis, and my paternal grandmother has arthritis. So, autoimmune diseases run in my family .
My MRI was clean, my lupus panel was negative other than the high ANA 1:1280 speckled, and I don't have inflammation in my joints, but I do have pain. Is it possible for some blood test to be negative now and positive if this is an autoimmune disease? My rheumatologist though fibromyalgia, but  she did not want do diagnose anything so soon and before blood test came back. Is anyone having the same problem as me where I feel all the doctors are doing is putting band aids over the symptoms, but it isn't working. I am taking protryptilin for the pins and needles and it does help but if anyone has any tips for living with an diagnosed autoimmune disease that would be great.

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Possible Chronic Myofascial Pain, also known as Myofascial Pain Syndrome?
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