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I have another question.

Does anyone have this problem?  I just noticed this on my hand.  It's a HUGE black and blue mark.  It doesn't hurt and I didn't hit my hand at all.

Does anyone know what it would be from?
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I will watch this one with interest too....I have Hashmoto's, not sure about Lupus - still having test for odd symptoms, but I have 2 bruises 1 on each of my thighs...no idea how they got there 'cos I dont remember bangng into anything...
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could you post a picture on your nix of this bruise?

Could your low platlets be responsible?
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I was wondering the same thing, if it's due to the platelets.  I will post my numbers later.  The bruise is the exact size of the dime.  But it doesn't hurt.  It came out of nowhere.

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I get mystery bruises too.  I was under the impression that it could be related to lupus.  I've noticed that I bruise easily and that bruises show up that I can't remember getting.  I guess it falls in the minor category compared to some of the other things I've dealt with.  I'm just so thankful that I'm feeling better.  I want to see you get to feeling better.
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