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I have been trying different things to see what is the matter with me. Maybe it is the Tramadols I am taking for my Lupus.

I cannot concentrate on anything to get anything done. I will start to do one thing, then if I happen to look at other things int he same room that need done, I am off starting them, one at a time, until I have nothing done! Sometimes I feel I have energy, but cannot even START anything.

I had been told it was my menopause doing it, so I began hormone pills, & it still is bad. I took 1 extra tramdol yesterday to hike (they also give me energy) & this monring was barely able to read, & didn't even want to answer the phone for customers, to talk. I could hardly function.
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i kind of have the same problem... i will be in the kitchen cleaning find something that belongs in my room, put it away. and then before i realize it I'm cleaning my room and the kitchen is still a mess. So i started this thing... a routine! (I'm simple minded) I start in the bathroom(smallest and quickest to clean!). then the hallway, which leads to the frontroom, I have trouble there, but manage to remind myself (frontroom now concentrate!) then kitchen. Then the hard part is done. I don't no if your lack of focus is from medicine, or anything else, I don't take any meds. ( well i just started taking them) i am a dingtardrebat. (daughter made me write that!)
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Hey, I found several websites that talk about too much yeast. I LOVE sugar & carbs. Are you like this too, Ladynicnac? Look up candida symptoms on the net & see what you will find. I have over 1/2 of those symptoms! I called my doctor & left a message to give me an appt. to check my yeast in my body. I think they need a stool sample to do it.

Does this site have any blogs about yeast?
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