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Complicated Sore Throat

Hi All

Am 27 year male,smoker from past 8 years average of 3 ciggarates a day(quit 4 months back).have had chronic sinusitis from chilhood

I had a first sexual encounter with an escort on march 2009(protected vaginal,unprotected oral). I did swallow some vaginal fluids

I developed a sore throat after 3 days ,it went away after taking some Antibiotics

I had 3 encounters with the same escort till may 2009 (Protected vaginal and unprotected oral)

I did have some fever and slight sore throat in between the encounters

In june 2009 i started getting sore throats every week, I went to doctors who would just prescribe be antibiotics which dint work

I had an sexual encounter with an another escort (protected oral and protected vaginal,no foreplay) in june 2009

I went to an 3 ent,who just gave me antibiotics and PPI's which dint work,by this time which my Pharyngitis and tonsillitis has become chronic

I had an sexual encounter with an another escort (protected oral and protected vaginal,no foreplay) in November end 2009,this the condom broke and i dint realise until i ejaculated

I went the ENT and told him about the risk, he was not worried .I was told i have chronic tonsillitis and i need to get a surgery done to remove them along with a septoplasty and sinus surgery ,so that the throat infection does not reoccur

i got the surgery done jan 2010. But 2 weeks after the sugery i started getting neck pain,arm pain and chest pain
I went to cardiologist who told i had RBBB but its not whats causing the pain. I was given NSAID which dint work

I went back to the ENT surgeon who told ,there is nothing wrong and its just some muscoskelatal pain and gave me some vitamins and NSAID

I then had a throat infection(back of my throat had red bumps) along with fever,mucsle pain, and RASH on palms ,went to another doctor was put on antibiotics and allergy medicine which dint work after reviewing my blood work(Had elevated ESR and RA Factor was positive)

I got scared of HIV and went a diognostic centre on March 1st 2010,My elisa came back negative(11.5 weeks after exposure )

I went to another doctor,who ordered a another set of blood test- CBC,VDRL(Syphillis),Hepatitis,P24 antigen .All were negative.Except my neutrophils were near the upper cut-off and and my lymphocytes were near the lower cutoff
I was told its a Viral throat infection and my neck must have been strained from the sugery thats the reason i have neck pain,arm and chest pain

He precribed me some Anti-depressants

I still had the sore throat and swollen and painful lymph nodes along with other muscle pain, and i went to a another diognostic centre and gave an elisa test on march 15th 2010,it was negative(13 weeks after my latest exposure  ,awaiting western blot results

I went to another ENT who told me its only a throat infection ,who put me on antibiotics and steroids which have had no effect,am in physio therapy for my strained neck which has shown no improvement

My back of throat has still small bumps(My left side of throat hurts more along with my left jaw) my chest is still sore to touch,my neck hurts and some time my arms and shoulders

I have slight whitish line on either side on my cheek(was not there before the surgery) and rash is now gone but the skin of palm is peeling

I think i either have HIV or Cancer, I have ruined my life ,i did contemplate suicide yesterday...i have not been to work after my sugery thats more than 2 months.am sitting at home just researching the net

Am too scared to go to another doctor i dont want him to tell oral cancer or HIV

My family thinks am going crazy

Any advice what i actually have ?

PS: am not sure in which forum to post
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