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Consistent Fever

I got diagnosed with lupus about three weeks ago and am waiting to see me rheumy for the first time. The appt is on Friday, July 23.

I have had a two degree fever for four days now. It comes with a swollen throat, and the skin on my neck is very hot. When my sore throat goes away, the fever goes away. Along with that, my left eye is bulging and in the corner of both eyes are sore red patches.

Should I call my general practitioner or just wait for my appt on friday?
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Hello..I'm 49 and I have Lupus, it seems like I've had it for most of my life and if I wasn't DX yet then my sister , mom and grandmother had already been DX with it. I can only tell you with all of us and several friends of mine with Lupus always seem to have what the Doctors call a low grade fever.

With Lupus your immunity is very low, I would call your GP and let him/her know about your throat and eyes, the Doctor might want to start you on something even before you see the Rheumo Doc.

If you have any more question there are alot of us who can try to answer them for you.

BTW welcome to the wacky, weird, world of Lupus.

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