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Doctor prescribed Provigil

Has anyone on here taken Provigil? my doctor gave me a sample pack and told me to try it for my chronic fatigue. I was on a prednisone pack and felt fantastic until it started to taper off, now its my 2nd day off it and i feel like ****, and im supper tired... I tried 100 mg of the provigil, and i have had a screaming headache all day. (had to take tynelnol). anyone else have this?
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My Neurologist gave me samples over a year ago and I did not take them for fear of them inducing anxiety.  I don't like that feeling of having drank too much coffee or something.  One of my friends has been on it and she said they make her think clearly and concentrate better all day.  I still have not tried them though.  I hate medicine and I have to take too much each day as it is.
Have you tried B-complex?  I am on a very strong one that's prescription from my doctor but mine is also for my vasculitis.  It's supposed to keep my veins from closing or getting smaller.  Maybe your doctor knows lof a good prescription B complexe that's strong.
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For the record, what I'm about to say is true.  "I missed the starting gun". I've been on Modafinil (Provigil) for 10 years and counting. Furthermore, this drug said not to create physiologic addiction, actually does. I wonder how come I'm still alive. In my few weeks I was up at 10 pills 100 mgs, then 20, and most of this precious decade I kept at a cruising speed of 30-35.
That's not within the recommended dosage. 3,000- 3,500 mgs. Honestly, I don't know what to do. Doctors don't have a clue. Some never heard of it. Presently, I'm at 20 pills  daily ( that's 2 grams) . Everyone please let me know what to do to get this Class1 drug out of my life? I have pains all over my body, I'm tired, spend all day long at home, lying on my bed and have added doing anything but live. Thought you had a problem? I too have a Life Threatening one . Someone, anyone , hell Is my address.
Take my example and forget about smart drugs. Nootropics, Eugeroics are dumb as those who take them. Nope I haven't forgotten to include me. Just need a clue.
Cheers from Portugal
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