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Does this sound like Lupus?

Hi! I'm 22, female, no kids, used to be perfectly healthy.

I've been running a low-grade fever for two months. I've also had slightly high blood pressure and heart rate. My doctor has run all types of tests to rule out infections and my white blood count is normal, so I don't really suspect leukemia or lymphoma. I've had an abdominal CT to check my organs and everything is normal. I'm set up to see an endocrinologist/internist in about two months.

I haven't had any kind of skin rashes even though I've been out in the sun quite a lot in the past two weeks. However, I've developed pain in my lower back, pelvis, and knees - especially when I walk for exercise. It's not muscle pain and it's hard to describe, but it feels like my joints are just rubbing together. I've also got some sort of constant muscle spasm in my lower back on the right side. I'm kind of tired - I just want to sleep. And I can't concentrate or remember anything and I'm usually really on top of everything.

I understand that the joint pain is typically in the smaller joints, but mine are all fine - it's just my back, pelvis, and knees.

Did anyone else start out with similar symptoms?
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Hey, am male 22. I strted with mild symptoms, not like yours but were not lupus like. When they came back though, they were quite a bit more similar. Am just waiting for my ANA results. However for you, it's still wide open. Could be anything from arthritis to thyroid probs. Yes, lupus can occur without skin rash or atypical joint pains. doesn't have to be in the small joints. But like i said, cud be many things. Do your ANA test
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Hi, I'm a 44 year old female.  I was diagnosed in 2005 but have had Lupus since my late teens now that I know the symptoms.  Your joints rubbing together is probably a loss of cartilage which is usually caused by arthritis which is a by-product of Lupus.  Along with just about anything else you can imagine.  Lupus can affect every organ in your body as well as the muscles and ligaments.  For me my bones are more easily broken than they once were.  I've fractured my pelvis, broke my wrist, messed up my shoulder super bad and have had probably 6 cracked ribs.  The best thing to do is find a good doctor which is not an easy task at all.  Just don't stop looking until you are happy with whom your seeing.  It might take 2,3 maybe 4 different ones before you find one.  Gook luck to you
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