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Feeling hot without real fever??

Hello, all.  I have been dealing with autoimmune issues for about 15 years now.  I never got a formal diagnosis of anything other than fibromyalgia.  I've always tested negative for the lupus antibodies, though have had ANA's as high as 1280 and as low as 40.   I am on plaquenil and every now and then steroids to get me through some of the rough patches.   I wondered if anyone gets bouts of feeling hot/inflammation all over when going through a flare?  Not really a fever, per the thermometer, but just feeling like you have a fever? I don't really know any good way to describe it.  I feel achy and hot all over, my skin is hot to the touch , and sort of flu-like, but the thermometer always registers as no fever.   Anyone else?
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It could be hormonal.  If you don't react to soy and don't have a high risk of breast cancer, you could add a soy supplement.  They don't have a lot of evidence as to whether this raises any health risks or not, but some people get help with the slow drop of estrogen of perimenopause or actual menopause.  

Or it could be your thyroid.  There is an autoimmune thyroid condition.  

Have you been checked for Celiac disease?  If you have it, you need to get off gluten to stop the addition of more autoimmune diseases and cancer.  
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This happens to me all the time! I have lupus and I always feel like I'm running sporadic fevers but when I take my temp. it always says normal. I've also had my temp dropping low to 96 degrees and I feel really cold and achy. No one could explain why to me and said it was nothing to worry about but it's really uncomfortable. Just got dx w/ hypothyroidism though which could cause it. I'm unsure of whether the meds are helping yet since I haven't been on them for long but they might work. If you haven't already I would get your thyroid checked.
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Thanks, Caryopteris.  I am 45 years old and think I am either in or close to perimenopausal status.  I do not have any reactions to soy nor am I at high risk for BC, sooo..........this is something that I will look into!  I hadn't really thought about it being perimenopausal-related, but I am open to any and all ideas! Thank you for the suggestion and insight!
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Forgot to say......I have not been tested for celiac disease.......in fact, I don't know if I know what that is! Looks like I have some homework to do :)) BTW, I have been checked for the thyroid, so I'm good on that one!
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HI, there! Yes, I have had my thyroid checked, so I know it isn't that.  It's just really ODD because I feel achy, feverish, etc., but then the thermometer just registers a normal temp!  I do get cold very easily when I'm not going through these feverish spells, lol, though I've learned that it is probably due to a newly diagnosed iron deficiency/anemia.  I am just really out of whack! I do really want to learn more about these so called 'fevers' just because I really feel sick when I get that way just like I would when I have the flu.....can sometimes knock me out for days!
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HI, i thought i was the only one going thru that,feeling hot flush,i thought it was in my head as the dr seem to think,once again he was wrong (image that).
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I too have lupus and have the same sensation.  I asked my Primary and he said lupus can cause inflamation in the vascular system, thus causing a flushing sensation.  I also have the feeling like I am running a fever, along w/ the aches and headache that accompany a fever.  Sometimes I actually am running a low grade.  If you temp seems to run low to begin with, then you could actually be running a temp.  
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Yes, I also get the feverish feeling quite often when I'm in a flare.  I do sometimes actually run a fever during these times, but there are others when I only FEEL like I'm running a fever - I'll get that hot feeling, my face will sometimes get flushed (not always), my eyes will burn, I'll feel achy all over.

My "normal" temp runs pretty low - on average about 97.4 -- so even when the thermometer reads 98.6 - 99, it really feels higher to me.
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I to feel this way a lot of times. I am having one right now, really not sure what to do for this.
Can anyone tell me what will help this burning .

        Thank Renee
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I get that all the time.  I feel so hot, then chills, and aches, and take my temp and it's always A-O-K....... Then a month ago, I went to the doc for chest pain (pleurisy) and the nurse tells me I have a fever, and I felt fine.... So, my body can't tell me when I really have a fever and when I do not.... And, I'm only 34, so it's not like hot flashes.... But, I am often cold.  Like, around the house I wear a hoodie, with the hood on.  I always cover myself with the comforter, even in August and When I sit on the couch to watch TV, I have to bundle up in a thick blanket.....

The fever-like thing usually seems to happen in the morning and at night, though..... If that means anything.  When I have a flare, it maybe through out the day, but I notice it mostly morning and night...

Hope you feel better
Black seed chew it every morning see the internet for more details
Its curing me already daily morning dose no harm if taken but the benefit wowwwwwwwww
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I've been fighting perimenapause for over 5 years now...flushed red face, chest and arms...hot to the touch when I'm flared up...at times I run a very low temp...my glands and my breasts get extremely sore...joint pain, swelling, extreme weight gain, hypoglycemic tendency and hunger for sweats and salt...I'm extremely tired and have more headaches than usuall...very bad menstrual periods, pain radiates to the knees...I have night sweats, cold chills...the fatigue is terrible, I can't sleep at night, my memory is foggy and I just feel as if I can't control my anger when I'm not taking Estrogen...My doc said my Estrogen is low,so he put me on a low dose...which has helped with some symptoms...My primary says I have adrenal fatigue and my gynocologist says I'm in perimenapause...I just feel confused and I feel like I'm getting no where and am losing out on quality time that I could share with my teenagers...It seems like I'm up 5 hours out of a day and in bed the rest...sure ***** to be me, really does!!!
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I have been suffering with this fever for 20 years? The doctors think I am nuts I am depressed or it is fibromyalgia etc. the fever is so bad for months at a time no clue what triggers it but just goes on for a couple of months mostly flares up in the late afternoons and evenings almost goes away by late night very tired the whole time and want to stay in bed. Any doctor out there?
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I'm 20 and I have Hoshimoto's thyroiditis. It's an autoimmune disorder that often results in hypothyroidism (under active thyroid). A lot of what I have read on various forums attribute these symptoms to the thyroid. I, however, an on medication to regulate my thyroid. I must get tests regularly to ensure that my levels are good. I recently got checked and my levels were perfect, so I know that it isn't my thyroid. I've had a sinus infection for several weeks that doesn't seem to go away but what's strange is that I am running a much lower temperature than my usual 98.7. I get bouts of extreme heat in which I cannot even keep clothes on because I am so hot. I sweat like crazy and I have a throbbing headache, as well as severe body aches and exhaustion. My body is not to the touch but, when I take my temperature, I have no fever. I dont think that this has anything to do with the sinus infection, as I am on antibiotics. My doctor drew blood yesterday in order to test me for just about everything. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea as to what might be causing these unbearable fever like symptoms and low body temperature?
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I am being treated for undiagnosed Lupus, I do understand what you are saying.  My regular temperature runs low - usually between 96.5 and 97.2.  Some days I will feel feverish, achy, burning eyes and headache which brings on nausea, but temp will only be about 98 (highest 98.7) so not officially a fever.  My husband says we need a new thermometer, even though it works fine for him, lol.
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What the doctors are saying I have the exactly same feeling
Plz reply me I am hypothyroid already taking medicine so the levels are fine,anemic so taking iron for that and vitamin d medicine once a week
I cannot explain this feeling to a doctor
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I have not had answer from doctor, he says it is good I don't have fever.  I have next appointment in January, will try again.
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I could respond to anyone within this string.  I have the same problem with always feeling HOT, really HOT, most of the time.  On the occassion when I am not feeling hot, I am freezing.  My tempature usually runs a little below normal around 97.4 and sometimes lower.  I have hypothyroidism, and am totally in menopause.  I have been on several estrogen types, up and down the dosage levels, with no relief.  I have been up and down the dosage for my thyroid also.  Thyroid tests show it is ok.  My doctor's refuse to check for anything other than the usual stuff, menopause and low thyroid.  I wish I could find a doctor who knows how to think outside of the box and fix me!  It's very uncomfortable being in my skin.
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i cant not feel  the different of my own body my husband told me that my body be hot every night I don't even noticed that i do not sweat .I touch my body I don't feel the hotness  and I don't have fever
I'm 51 years old
can someone tell me what that mean
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have lupus with low temp. but feel i'm burning up. my hair gets so wet the sweat runs down my back like i've got out of shower. uncomfortable and extremely embarrasing
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I wonder if I can get any help out there!! Pleeeez !!!

I started two moths ago with a severe bloated stomach and one which feels raw and unable to digest food in the intestines.  My sinuses are full of phlegm all the time with mucus draining into my throat constantly.  
My body feels as though its burning up and have clamy hands and feet and it's effecting my mental status. I have a rapid heart rate constantly.
I have difficulty sleeping and staying asleep... This is driving my wife crazy !!
I really am at a wits end... My GP has done all the tests under the sun including stool samples for Parasites etc etc.. All to no avail.
  My personal prognosis is that I have Bacterial Sepsis without the fever..

I do hope that someone can shed a light on this!!!
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Hi.  What medicines are you on?  I have periods of time when it feels like I am hot, but mostly I'm freezing cold.  I thought I was having hot flashes, but when they tested my hormones, they were all in the normal range.
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Have they checked your liver out real good?  Lab work and ultrasound???

Another thing you can try is a good probiotic.  Along w/ some cutting back (and or) illiminating sugar in your diet.  For the sinus problems, you could try a nettie pot.  Be sure and use distilled water along w/ some salt.  They recommend twice a day.
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Hi.  I have the exact same thing.  I have been sick for almost two years.  Get exactly what you describe.  I feel hot to touch and am achy but no fever to be registered by thermometer.  My doctor keeps saying it's in my head.  But I have IBS, interstitial cystitis, esophageal refulux, and I have extreme fatique, after a day of work, I hurt so bad all over, my hands, legs, neck, back, basically whole body.  I barely have energy to do daily functions on most days.  I have basically cut work down to once or twice a week which makes things hard.  Blood work is normal, had ANA test normal, been tested for Rheumatoid factor, normal, no one knows whats wrong.... Please let me know what happens with you.... fibromyalgia has been thrown around by walk in clinic docs, but I haven't gotten anywhere... I know something is wrong... I am 37 and living like i'm 85... tea, rest, no energy for anything, always feeling tire and unwell...
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I have hot and red  face as I had fever when I am dehydrated. I am often dehydrated.
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