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How do they tell the differenece

How do the doctors tell th difference between Lupu and Syphilis?  Is there one specific indicator that would make one more likely then the other.  Joint or chest pain?  I see a lot of the time doctors order a Syphilis test to diagnose Lupus.  What if the person is worried about both issues?
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There are specific blood tests for both. If you are worried just ask your doc to test you. Put your mind at ease then. Take a breath and wait for the tests.  Take care
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Some blood test they use for several different things, with Lupus you have several test done like a double stran ANA.

Along with my Lupus I also have a thing called Anticardiolipid Antibodies  it is not Syphilis at all yet they use that test for that too all Anticardiolipid Antibodies means is you have thick blood in England they call it sticky blood.

I would make an appointment with your doc and have some test done if your worried hun in the mean time try to relax.Stress only makes Lupus worse.
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