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How many of these symptoms are Lupus related?
1. Muscle spasms in arms, legs, feet, back, ribs and chest. Intermittent

2. Muscle pain from neck down to ankles. Happens continuous when off steroids.

3. The front of my lower legs tighten up as if in spasm.

4. Numbness and tingling in arms and legs.

5. Legs and arms falling asleep.

6. Pleurisy

7. blurred vision

8. Double vision right eye only.

9. leaky bladder.

10. Sharp pains in let side of temple. Intermittent.

11. Severe dry eyes

12. Malar rash on face from sun exposure.

13. Sacral Arthritis

14. Knee pain after taking hot shower.

15. Swollen fingers and knee joints.

16. Fatigue

17. Insomnia

18. scalp pain-intermittent

19. Toe spasms where one toe picks straight up and turns sideways.

20. Major hair loss

21. left sided facial pain-intermittent

22. 26 pound weight loss August 2009 to December 2009

23. dizziness-intermittent

24. Nausea

25. Memory issues

26. low blood pressure.

27. Ulcers in mouth and nose-intermittent

28. rough skin showed up on knees, elbows, knuckles, ankles

29. Bad night sweats

30. Spreading muscle spasm from arm to back to ribs to chest, very painful

31. Bruise easily

Elevated sed rate

Elevated lupus test

Low Vitamin D

Low Vitamin B-12

Extremely high Nor-epinephrine blood level

Diagnosed so far with UCTD, Livedo Reticularis, Raynauds, Hypoglycemia, Mitral Valve prolapse, Hypothyoidism, complete total thyroidectomy, Vasagal syndrome, IBS, Tinnitus

Meds I am on- Medrol   8mg a day

                      Estradiol  1mg

                      Synthroid 88mcg

                      Vitamin D 1000 IU a day
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