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I may have Lupus, do people from Lupus suffer from these symptoms as well?

I have a list of mild to medium symptoms that doctors have looked at on a symptom by symptom basis and found no cause for... I'm starting to wonder if they may be interconnected (ie: Lupus)

My dad has a sun sensitivity rash on his face that was diagnosed as either "Lupus" or "Lupus-like"... Can't quite remember

I am: 31/M 6'1, 220lbs.... Don't think it matters.

Obviously not all may be related. Some may be red herrings.

Main Symptoms:
- Constant microscopic blood in urine. No infection found. No cancer cells found
- Bone spurs everywhere. The osteophytes in my elbows are particularly large and look like dew claws. Apparently not rheumatoid arthritis.
- Knees get very sore after sitting a while (re: movie theaters)
- Fairly common muscle spasms in my neck, like a giant shudder, occasionally caused by touch (but then, once triggered, it is finished) and worse when tired. Feel a tingly feeling in the back of my neck before each one. (dismissed as 'maybe tourette's' by a doctor years ago)
- Slight hand tremor, exacerbated by trying to hold something. Can do fine work under a microscope though... exacerbated by caffeine (duh)

Might be associated symptoms:
- I am generally really warm. Comfortable in winter and cold, overheating in summer and heat
- Above average urination frequency
- Lowish blood pressure (but still in normal range)
- History of fainting

Current symptoms:
- All my joints are swollen and sore... more tired than achy
- Insatiable appetite. I get mechanically full, but my body still wants to eat
- Drastic loss of motivation and concentration at work
- Significantly reduced sex drive

However, I do not rash at all, except for a pernicious nickel allergy.
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Lupus is such a ctazy diease i say that because i was diagnosed with lupus in june i didnt really have any symptoms that would suggest lupus except a lityle muscle pain iny legs but i was suffering really bad anxiety that hit out of no where and brain fog so my doctor finally did the test she even told mr i dont think its lupus but lets check and boom i had lupus but i dod have low blood pressure whicj i never had until lupus

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