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Is Lupus, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis all related?

Hi! I have been diagnosed with Lupus.  I am 51 year old female. It's been almost 4 years and so it's very new to me.  When something goes wrong, I feel that I must blame the lupus.  Recently, I have been really experiencing more joint pain than usual in my shoulders, hands, knees and jaw (7months of pain).  I get bone pain and also shooting pains (which have no diagnosis). My thumb knuckles are starting to pop out to the side.  I have a bad back (no cushion between 4 and 5 + more) and have experienced pain like no other.  A Baker's Cyst also popped up last month at an also bad knee (torn ligaments never corrected).  As of a few weeks ago, my Rheumatologist told me I have osteoarthritis in my hands.  Last week I had a bone scan and was told I also have osteoporosis.  I take 10 different meds a day( asthma, thyroid, high blood pressure, hot flashes,ibs,gird, and lupus)  and am so tired of it all.  Is it possible to have all 3 (Lupus, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis) and if so, is it common?  I guess I keep thinking that maybe it seems odd to be young and have all 3 at the same time.  I want one or more to go away and only have to deal with one disease at a time.  Also...I have a lymph node that has popped up on my shoulder that no one seems to care about...any thoughts on that.  As I said I always blame it all on the Lupus, so I havae an answer.
Thanks so much for any ideas!
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My doc told me that Osteoarthritis is so common that she is finding very few people over the age of 45 that DON'T have it.  Mostly the neck and lower back are where the average person gets it.  It's basically wear and tear on your body.  Once they've worn alot in one spot, they start growing a "Burr".  Osteoporosis can be just from your age, or can also be from medications you're taking, or from an imbalance of the amount of Calcium and magnesium (or is it manganese???)  you get.  Or the Lupus could be causing an imbalance or inability to absorb calcium.    

The fact that you have jaw pain makes me think you may have Sjogren's.  My jaw and chin BURNS.  I have learned it's from the Sjogren's.  Once you have one autoimmune disease, your body will have trouble doing what it's supposed to.  I have three diseases, but I don't consider myself to have 3 diseases.  I have an autoimmune problem.  It affects many parts of my body.  End of story.  Do some research on wikipedia ******* about each of the diseases you were diagnosed with, and learn about them.  I believe all three are autoimmune.  Not sure there...but worth a look.  The pills are a pain in the butt, but try doing without them and your problems are ten-fold.  Thank God for those little bitty LIFE SAVERS.  That's what I call them.  Without my pills, I would be rolled into a ball on the bed and wouldn't be able to play with my grandson or go to work or even hold a book I want to read.  BLESS THOSE LITTLE PIILLS!   Keep your chin up.  It could be much worse.  There are sooooo many that have it sooo much worse than you and I.  I am angry I have these problems, but don't have a choice in the matter.  My best bet is to look on the bright side (there's always at least one bright side to every bad thing).  I get down once in a while, but there's always something that perks me up and lets me know that it could be worse.    See if your Rheumatologist can give you better pain killers, and possibly an antidepressant.  A 15 minute walk every day will also help.  Doesn't matter how slow or fast you go.  Stretching in the a.m. and evening will help your pains.  Pilates work well.  Yoga does also.  Of course, I don't partake much, cause I'm lazy as hell, but I always regret it cause I know they help.  Once I start up again, I always feel soooo much better after a few days.  And also, stay out of the sun!!!  That messes most Lupus victims up quite a bit!  Good luck!  keep in touch.
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In my opinion and based off the research... yes, it is all related. The shooting pains you describe are a common complaint in patients who have fibromyalgia.

You might want to consider googling "The Molecular Institute for Medicine" for information on infections frequently found in autoimmune diseases and/or "The Roadback Foundation" . I highly recommend both websites for anyone who has a "syndrome" or an "autoimmune" disease.
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I actually have had Lupus for 4 years as you did when you wrote this in 2009.  I did a google search wondering the same thing as i have Osteoarthritis as well as Lupus and today i cannot move my neck without having spasms in my neck.  My mom is helping me thankfully and she also has Lupus.  My sister does as well and has sjogren's.  It really runs in our family.   My doctor explained as zomom did that with osteoarthritis most people at our age to have some form of it. (I am 50)  I watched a pretty good video about it and the doctor said that it can at any time get much worse..so some many not have much pain with it and some may have a lot of pain. I think that is why it's important to never judge anyones pain by the diesase.  You never know how someone else may feel.  I also agree with zmom that you have to think of it as one autoimmune illness.  They all seem to be related ...and all seem to come and go as they wish.  I hope by the time you read this you are having better days.  I love when the better days come and my meds are really helping me stay as pain free as possible.  I am learning not to compare a good day with a good day from before...but a good day now!  When i was doing that i found myself getting too depressed.  Do you take any kind of antidepressant?  I do and it helps with pain as well as the sadness that comes with being ill.  I am on a low dose.  Take care :)
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