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Is it lupus or something else test results included below

I'll try to make it quick. I went to the doctor for a rash that started last February (during a trip to florida) was diagnosed with Livedo reticularis.I told the doctor I felt exhausted even with 8 hours if sleep and my wrist and knee joints ached most days. The doctor mentioned I have a red rash on my face which is a sign for lupus and sent me for many blood tests.

*ANA - positive speckled 1 320
*Cardiolipin IgM Antibody- 22 (should be <12)
*Phosphatidylserine Ab IgM- 44 (should be <25 U/mL)
*Antithrombin III Activity 121%
*RBC 5.09 (should be 3.8-5.1)
*RDW 15.4 (should be between 11 and 15%)
*MCV 82.1 (should be 80 - 100)
*MCH 27.6 (should be 27 - 33)

I saw a hemotologist who diagnosed me with Thrombophilia (though I found out by looking at my online chart so I really don't know much about that either). My appointment with my Rheumatologist is later this week. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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