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Is this lupus, MS or some other type of autoimmune disease?

he last 3 years I have been dealing with all kinds of symptoms (Muscle pain, muscle spasms,double vision, blurred vision,headaches, nausea, spinal pain, sacral arthritis, fluid on both knees, feet pain, pain in fingers, tendon pain, just in the last week and a half, swollen lymph glands in neck and under arms, bumps under the skin in the back of my upper arms that can only be felt not seen. I walk...ed from my livingroom to my bedroom sat down and the phone rang went to stand up and my legs wouldn't hold my weight then 4 days later I wake up with intention or action tremors, I feel like I am in constant motion but its very mild. They have ran MRI's-negative, CT scans-negative, bloodwork-C-reactive protein went up but is coming back down, one lupus test showed positive and the next it was negative, ANA-negative, sed rate postive at times. I have Raynauds syndrome, Levido Reticularis, inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia that comes sporadically, possible Sarcoidosis. I have experienced the MS hug multiple times-I feel like I can't breathe its so painful when it sqeezes my chest.

My dad has Sarcoidosis and I am trying to find out if his side of the family has anything else.

I got Thyroid cancer in February 2009 had a Total Thyroidectomy and 2 months later is when all this started. The only treatment I got was Synthroid.

I have been to 4 neurologist, they don't have a clue so my Rheumatologist has me on steroids-4mg just to try and hold the pain back. We have tried Plaquenil-it worked but I'm allergic, Tried Methotrexate-worked but I am allergic, Lyrica gave me right sided headaches and it worked but was only able to stay on it 5 days.. Tried Imuran-same thing headaches and throwing up.

July 2nd I am going to a Neuromuscular specialist in Houston at Methodist Hospital,
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