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Ischemic Colitis

In July 2004, I almost lost 75% of my colon, the bleeding was called "Scuffing?" the 1st. colonoscopy was a couple days after they stablised me.  they seen this scuffing (dying off of intestinal wall. they even made a copy of a picture of it...as my system was shut down, I was in for 11 days. They did a follow up before leaving and seen nothing! No sign of scaring, nothing. So the Doctors were baffled.They ruled out Crohns.  I went home in pain, lower abdomine, worst near the right, they said it was not appendix, not ovary. here I am 3 years later and cannot yet go to work nor resume life as I knew it. Lupas was ruled out when I requested a DNA test for it. I get pos. ANA titer tets, then a Neg one. on and off. My C reative proteins were up, but no one know why or what!  My IBS ( I call it that, the DR.s still say I have Ischemic colitis) has gone through stages, right now it is where my stomache bloats out like I am 9 months pregnant, then an all day session on the toilet, on and off, now I  get gas, unreal gas! .
One thing, the gas  rumbles on my left side, it did that the night it went into ER for  Ischemic colitis.
I don'e worry anymore but I want life if I can have it.  I rarely had blood, if so, not enough to go to ER, it is only when I  wipe.  
What causes such gas, it was incredible last night! And foul, I hate to say this stuff but maybe someone else can relate.
My last appointment the gasterologist said "you almost died, go live"  Well I want to but can't! I have a CTA (CT Angigram,) they said everything looked fine - some scaring on right kidney.
Went t a kidney DR. he looked at the report and said, that's nothing.
OH, I also have an extra renal tube, the same DR. said "might come in handy one day"
No help at all. I held my CD of the ultrasound, he did not look.
I best end this, sorry I am yaking but I just want to leave the house!  I am 60 now. hope you can give me just an opinion. Thank you.

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