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Lupus & Tattoo's

first of all, and not to be rude but I would only like answers from doctors and such and people who have gotten tattoo's.

basically I'm really determined to get my tattoo, my family is a little worried about it but they also dont understand what a tattoo & can represent and do for someone. they look at it as "permanent damage to your body" i have researched all over the place about tattoo's and i always get the same 3 responses; you could get hepatitis, you wont heal, and blodthinner issues.

for anyone else looking to get tattoo's this will help you; you cannot get hepatitis from tattoos unless the artist is reusing their needles, ink, water etc. in most places its a law that you cant do this, and almost everywhere uses individual packages of new ink and needles and you just have to ask to see them open it in front of you.

i personally have no issues with healing; when i get cuts and scraps i do just fine.

i dont take blood thinners.

i just need extra opinions from people who have gotten tattoos, or know this subject well (doctor, tattoo artist what have you.)

and i really dont mean to be rude but i really would apperciate it, if others would refrain from opinion if its solely opinion and "doesnt sound like a good idea" i am looking for more facts.
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I got a tatoo at 30 years old and it was the best thing that I ever did for myself. I was not young or foolish I knew what I wanted and I went for it. 11 years later I love it. I have had no trouble with anything associated with my tatoo. Also, the friend that I went with who also got a tatoo died 5 years later from cancer and I will always have the memory of our wild moment at the tatoo parlor and everytime I see my tatoo it reminds me of her. Don't let other people influence your decision as long as you find a reputable and clean place to get your art "go for it". Just know that while they are doing it IT HURTS but as soon as they are done, so is the pain. You may want to start with something small you can always go back or have more added just to get an idea of the pain. Also mine is on my ankle I guess that hurts more than other places. Best of Luck, you will be fine.
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Thank you so much for replying! mines going to be on the lower left back, so not on the spine, right next to it, so theres not too much bone right there cause i did hear the ankle/foot is the worst place for pain! i also did hear that about the pain, as soon as the needle lifts its pretty much over, mines going to be writing like one sentence but just plain black lines (in hebrew or arabic) so im hoping its small enough! it wont be very large. thakns again!!
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I also have a Tattoo :) and have no bad effects from it.  Its a pheonix that goes from my shoulder to my elbow.  Took about 2 1/2 hours. Just make sure that you care for it like they tell you too and you will be fine.I am actually goint to be getting some more in the near future.  My doctors have nothing about the ill effects of getting a tattoo with our condition.  good luck to you and happy tattooing!
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thank you!!! i think my doctor is just conservative and is against them anyways, the same way my parents dont understand why i need one lol and i only told them as a courtesy, my mom is convinced something will happen and i'll end up in hospital lol
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They just care about you :)  
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Hey there!  I have 12 tats, my first one done 13 years ago.  No problems with any one (except that some need to be redone because they are in color and are just old)  When you go, they always open the needles and everything right in front of you so it's not awkward having to ask them to do it.  Just make sure your going to a clean place that has their state inspections posted and that they are valid.  And yeah, they hurt, but they hurt so good!  Careful cuz they are addicting ;)  P.S. make sure to check out the artist work before going to whoevers available.
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I have my eyeliner tattooed on my eyes.  I am 47, and just got this tattoo less than a year ago.  It hurt sooooooo bad, but I SURVIVED.  Everyone loves the work she did and even with all my other health issues, this tattoo has never caused any problems.  And I wake up every day looking like I had a very steady hand doing my make up!  LOL!  You won't regret the tattoo.  Heck, some doctors will even do the tattoos for you.  Then you'll know it's sterile@!

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I am also going to have a tattoo in two weeks , on my right upper back and behind my neck . I have wanted this since I was 12 and now I am 19 , I designed my tattoos and I have done a lot of research and found a great tattoo parlor I told him about my condition and he asked me if I have contacted my doctor . I had asked my doctor if I could get a tattoo and he was conservative not because of the danger but because he doesn't understand the purpose of doing it . When I said to  my mother about the tattoo she got crazy and told me that I have to wait some more years as if lupus could miraculously disappear. I told her as a courtesy too , she had told me the same thing when I was going to have my ears pierced ( and I have now 6 ear piercings and I am absolutely fine I even healed quicker than the girls who don't have lupus ) . I want so much to have a tattoo that I have made my search , my designs and I will use my own money.
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I have lupus it was dormant until I got pregnant 5 years ago now I want a tattoo pink baby footprints and her initials my rheumatologist said that I could.
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OK, I hope this comes across how I mean it to and not mean or rude. I also contracted lupus after my pregnancy. I have wanted a specific tattoo for a long time and should have had it already, too little too late right! Lol anyway I was told by several tattoo artist that it is in fact a bigger deal to get a tattoo when you have lupus, for several reasons. Tattoo ink contains very high levels of mercury. Mercury has alot of I'll effects but can also send you into a flare. The second thing to be cautious of is color :( I know it ***** but colors such as red and yellow can cause a higher risk of infections and lupus bodies just don't like them. So after having done my research I'll tell you I still intend to get the tattoos I want, although the key is time and being safe about what you get. So the best rule of thumb is never get a tattoo during a flare or while taking steroids as the potential for infection is very high. If you can't rule out steroids, which most of us can't, and you are desperate to get it now, then please take extra good care of it. The other is about tweaking the tattoo you want. Colors that are made using red or yellow aren't optimal and I would highly suggest using the greens and blues or go black. If you are determined to get one of the above mentioned colors, please try to the limit the amount used to accents. Do as you will folks, just be safe doing it.
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