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Lupus or not?

Hy there !

In the first place please escuse me for my english...but english its not my first language but I will try to do all my best for you to understand me.

I was diagnosted with Hep C in 2006, started treatment with interferon (pegasys) and Ribavirin in 2008, cleared the virus and I am undetectable since then.

In 2012 I started to have funny skyn rash on my upper abdomen. I`ve been to a lot of dermathologists, they run a lot of blood tests, everything was fine, they told me that I have a alergy or something. In 2-3 months the rash dissapered without any medications.

After that in 4-5 months I started to have joints paint, funny numbness all over me body, terrible fatigue.

My doctor runs for me another blood tests. Everything was fine, but my ANA was 1:100 speckled  , and the reference lab results was less than 1:100. All the others blood tests was OK. The GAP refered me to a rheumy,buy the rheumy told me that everything is fine, the ANA results is quite small and she didnt think that its something wrong.

I repeated ANA in 1 month and it was the same, 1:100 speckled, but the rheumy told me not to worry.
I 2013 I had some pain in my chest, so I went to a cardiologist, they did me a heart echography and he told me that  I have what they called bicuspid aortic valve, with ejection fraction of 63%, but no regurgitation, no nothing.

Since 2015 I was ok, just some joint paints, but not something very bad.
In august I`we been in Greece for 1 week, I spent a lot of hours under the sun, and after I arrived home I run some blood tests as well:

Lupus Anticoagulant - POSITIV
ANA - negative ( and I know that in people with Lupus ANA can go way up if are staing a lot in su exposure )
anti-dsDNA - negative
VSH - 2 (normal <15)
Serum urea - 35 ( normal <43)
Serum Creatinin - 0.76 ( normal <1.2)
C3 - 133 ( nromal 90 - 180 )
C4 - 20 ( 10 - 40 )

I visited the  cardiologist as well, and my ejection fraction decreased from 63% in 2013 to 53% in sept 2015, and now I have mild regurgitation.

I dont feel good at all, I am very very tired, I have terible joint pains, heart palpitation, but the rheumy told me that it is not Lupus or another autoimune diseases, but I am not sure.

I am scared that my treatment for hepatitis C triggered Lupus. At the moment my symptoms are:

- Extreme fatigue (tiredness)
- Painful  joints.
- Abnormal blood clotting ( lupus anticoagulant positive )

Blood tests:
- I had 2 positive ANA during the time ( both 1:100 speckled pattern, last one negative in september after 1 week off sun exposure )
- anti-dsDNA - negative

My rheumy didnt given me any treatment till now, nothing at all. Please tell me your opinion....is Lupus or not?

Thank you !
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Speckled pattern is associated with SLE, Sjögren, scleroderma, polymyositis, rheumatoid arthritis, and mixed connective tissue disease.  But it is also seen in no autoimmune diseases.  Since your level is low, they might take a reserved approach and monitor your symptoms and lab results.
1000632 tn?1293141653
Yes but my LUPUS ANTICOAGULANT is positive as well. I am feeling very very tired, I do have terrible joints pain.....do you think that this can be Lupus
434278 tn?1324706225
Having lupus anticoagulant does not necessarily mean you have lupus.  But since you have other symptoms, I would think you might actually have SLE.  I have been evaluated for over 7 years.  I've had ANA 1:2,560, antihistones, and possitive anti ds-DNA and still have not gotten a diagnosis.  It's very frustrating.  But a dr. back in 2008 saw fit to put me on plaquinel.  And so far nobody has attempted to take me off of it.  It has made a huge difference.
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