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My sister tell us that she has Lupus. She is sick everyday. She a 6 year breast cancer survivor. She says she also has RA, Fibro, chronic pain. She never gives me answers, what stage of lupus if one, or what kind? She says the Dr. has her on liquid morphine, and oral morphine, and lyrica for lupus. Help me to understand?
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Coming from someone who is on both sides (I have a sister with lupus and I am being tested because they are pretty sure I have it) I understand this is hard for you. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to react when you cannot see the thing that is wrong. Lupus is a very cruel thing in that the person might not always look sick. I suggest learning as much as you can about it and see if she is comfortable with you going with her to talk to her doctor. Also find out if there are things you could do to help her out on her bad days and try to plan for some fun (less strenuous) girls days with her. It will help get her mind off of it and will be good for both of you
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Or lunch Since you are obviously not a girl, just something fun
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