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Lymph nodes

I have asked this question in here once and got no reply, so Im going to try again.  I know swollen lymph nodes are normal with Lupus, but I have a swollen lymph node in my right shoulder.  I am curious if this is normal.  I had a mammogram that came back normal.  I recently had a tooth pulled on that side too and am on antibiotics (not sure if that was causing it, should go down if it was).  Does anyone else have this swollen lymph node problems?
The ones under my arm are swollen too, but this one strikes me as odd.
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Hey Poodlegirl!
Tooth extraction causing  swollen lymph nodes on the same  side is very likely, due to the possible presence of infection at the time of the extraction along with toxins and bacteria from the mouth contributing to the infection.
Look into "Oil Pulling" with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I do this every morning
for 15-20' and my oral health an hygiene is excellent! This helps get rid of billions of toxins and bacteria that are everywhere in the oral cavity.
My suggestion is that you also consume EVCO as it is a great anti-fungal,
anti-bacterial,anti-parasitic and anti-viral functional food!
Just replace all your cooking oils (EVCO does not alter at all with heat-so no inflammation issues) with it. It increases metabolism and it does not store as fat in the body-it is converted easily into energy instead!
For more info: coconut research center website.
Probiotics of good quality to rebalance your healthy flora-due to the damage of healthy bacteria from the antibiotics- would be a good idea.
It is great that your mammogram came back negative-no relation though to what you're describing in your post.
Swollen nodes best treatment is to avoid ALL sugars including artificial sweeteners, as they feed the swollen nodes. Supplement with Zinc 25mg daily for a few weeks and apply some iodine at the bottom of your feet.
Take 2T of organic apple cider vinegar an a glass of filtered water every morning -after the oil pulling if you decide to do it-
Alkalize!!! Your body needs to get rid of toxins and bacteria from the infection(s). This is what I do: In a large 750ml water-bottle I put one bromelain tablet,1/2t raw natural sea-salt, 1/2t baking soda add filtered water and wait till dissolved. Then I sip throughout the day.
I Monitor  urine PH levels to be around 7 (average)
Do a search for alkalizing and acidifying foods so you can adjust you urinary PH levels to range from 6.75 to 7.35 if possible.
Just get some testing strips from the drug store.
You will feel better using the above remedies.
Take care.
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Thank you for so much useful information.  I do take probiotics right now.  I am pretty sure that is why I did not have additional issues with all the antibiotics I have been on (5 in 3 months).  I also feel better since about a month after I started taking them.  I take several suppliments also.  I take Folic Acid, Fish Oil, Calcium, CoQ10, to name a few.   I will try the EVCO for sure.  Will I need to go a a Whole Foods Store to find this do you think?  Or is it available in regular grocery store?
I always appreciate you positive outlook!!  Thanks you so much.
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It is my pleasure to be of help.
Whole foods usually have a good variety.
Grocery stores normally do not carry the EVCO, but you can check it out.
I order mine directly from the importer in case lots as I sell it to my members at a lower price than the health food stores.
Glad that you're on Probiotics and other supplements as well.
As long as they're of high quality and natural you're probably getting a great benefit from them.
An Alkaline diet is one of my fundamental ways of staying healthy all these years! Disease cannot survive in an Alkaline enviroment, period!
Just research this. Note: One non-food or non-drink item that influences
body chemistry greatly is Stress. So Stress Management is vital!
I will be preparing some Hypnosis CDs for this and a zillion other issues
in the New Year. One of my many projects. So many things, so little time!
PM me if you want to comment or if you have any questions.
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I had a swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck. They ended up doing surgery to biopsey it back in 2008 and it came back with general inflammation. Since then the one just below the one that was removed has now become inflamed as well. The Drs have told ne it is most likely a symptom of lupus. I hope you begin feeling better soon!
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Poodlegirl75, SW21,
I did not think about the one possibility where an Alkaline diet is contra-indicated, and that is when there's an accumulation of ammonia in the brain. (Leaky Brain Syndrome)
It is common with Lyme Disease as it is caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi
bacteria. Ammonia itself is an alkaline substance and an alkaline diet will only worsen the effects of the accumulated ammonia in overalkalized parts
of the body like the brain, heart and the liver.
So first thing to do is to test for ammonia accumulation by  simple muscle testing or A.R.T (Autonomous Response Testing) using ammonia in a vial or other container.
If not familiar with these, then I suggest you find a practitioner in your area that will do it for you.
It a simple procedure and it only takes a couple minutes to perform.
(I use A.R.T.  for Homeopathic remedies and it's always spot on!)
- "Beat Lyme Disease Using Alternative Medicine" (I lend this book to someone and never got it back!-Offers Herbal and homeopathic remedies also to clear all this up)
-Albrecht J, Roles of neuroactive amino acids in ammonia neurotoxicity, J Neurosci Res. 1998 Jan 15;51(2):133-8

Not only Lymes sufferers but  CFS, MS, ALS , FMS and other chronic condition sufferers may be subject to the negative effects of ammonia,
by damaging the Blood Brain Barrier, thus Nicknamed Leaky Brain Syndrome.
I am not endorsing the remedies offered in the book I mentioned above, however, it is worth taking a closer look, Just  research it further if you feel it might be of interest. I have no direct experience with these remedies,but they do show promise.
SW21, I "sense" this information is of great importance to you.
My intuition is usually stronger and more accurate than my intellect.
Please feel free to comment or ask any questions. You may pm me anytime.

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I appreciate it more than you know! I'm looking for the book as we speak. Thank you so much for the information and for taking time out of your day to help.
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