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Many symptoms and still NO answers! HELP!

I'm going to try and make this ong story as short as humanly possible.... After I had my daughter in 1996 I sowly started to develope symptoms... First it started with stiffining in my fingers of both hands, then migraines. Then over the years the pain worsened in my hands and started in my knees, hips, and back. I was and still am CONSTANTLY tired, no matter how much sleep I get. Then over about the ast 6 months, things have seem to have gotten worse. I am now having pains in my wrists, elbows, shoulders, and when I ean my head back my chest bone feels like it pops and it's quite audible. Then when I have 'flare-ups', it seems like every joint in my body hurts, even the arches of my feet! My toes pop and my ankles hurt and burn to the touch. The I recently noticed a rash on my face over my cheeks and nose. I first thought it was from the cold weather, like wind burn, but it never went away. Some days it looks worse than others.It doesn't itch and there is no flaking skin like with dry skin....I'm including some pics to see what you think... I had an appointment with a Rheumatologist and she thinks all of this is Fibromyalgia but I think otherwise. I have a extensive history of arthritis in my family. And not to mention, it seems like I'm getting sick more often now.... I used to NEVER get sick....and with being sick comes bad flare-ups!!!!  The doc did a whole round of tests while I was there.... 6 viales of bood was taken and I had x-rays done from head to toe! I go back this Thursday for the results but the anticipation is really getting to me!!!   Any ideas?
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I'm assuming they're checking your ANA? That will give them an idea if you have some kind of autoimmune disorder. It's just so hard to wait for the test results. My Mom does have fibromyalgia and it sounds similar to your symptoms. But they diagnosed that only after all the other things were ruled out. You mentioned a history of arthritis in your family. Do you know what type?
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My grandmothers side had RA and my dad's has OA.... I've had ANA tests before and they came back very low like 7-9.... but most of the tests came back on the high end of "normal"... I'll find out the results of the latest tests this Thurs....
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Read your info above and hoping that by now (end of April) you have found some answers to your health problems.
You might look at Lyme disease symptoms, to see if you think you might have it.  Lyme can cause unbelievable fatigue, also rashes, and joint pain.

I know the pain of hurting from toes to head when getting up in the a.m.; I was diagnosed with both lupus and Lyme disease.  Hoping to find some solutions for my health issues, too!
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I've never heard of the facial rash being part of Fibromyalgia.  So, please let us know what the doctor came up with on your lab results.  I was tested for fibro, but didn't have the tender points.  but I do have the sore joints, and the mylar rash on my face.  I was under the impression that the rash is ONLY FOR LUPUS.  I also have Sjogrens.  Hurry and let us know what the doc said!
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Well the doc is treating like Lupus although she wouldn't diagnose it "lupus". Now how crfazy is that? I'm on Plaquenil which is for LUPUS. If i'm being treated for lupus then why won't they diagnose me with Lupus?
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Im going through a lot of the same sa you are. I saw a rheumatologist for the first time the other day, he says i have a lot of lupus symptoms but doesnt feel i have lupus because nothing looks swollen. He ran more tests and they took 11 viles of blood! He thinks its most likely fibromyalgia although i did not have any pain when pressure was applied to the ppressure points. i have to go back september 3rd for my results. my an had come back low positive [ 1:80 ] but he ran another one. based on what ive heard it seems like drs just tell you its fibromyalgia when they dont know whats wrong. ive gotten such a run a round with doctors i feel they cant even be trusted anymore. i go through " flareups" so to speak, where the pain i have on a daily basis is ten times as worse. my back/neck/shoulders are always in pain. my elbows wrists knees and ankles hurt and im always tired, no matter how much i sleep.my hands and feet often go numb with only slight color variations. and recently ive developed this headache that just wont go away. i was told to take 800mg ibuprofen but this doesnt touch any of the pain. all of this is starting to cause depression i think because i dont know where to turn. i guess all i can do is wait for my results and take it from there. ive thought about getting a second opinion but im so sick of doctors i cant stand the idea. any suggestions or comments??
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