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Hi. I am going to a rheumatologist very soon for a second opinion on lupus which I think I have. If I do, it has definitely affected me neurologically.  I really, really do not want to take steroids if I don't have to. Anyone with neuro lyme on a non-steroid medication, and if so what is the name and does it help. Thank you very much...
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What kind of neurological problems are you having im curious i was diagnosed in june but he told me at first he didnt think i had it all i had was neurological problems ftom anxiety to depression really bad brain fog
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Usually the first line of medicine that is prescribed is Plaquinel.  There is a generic form hydroxychoriquine.  It has really helped me too.  Many times they will use steroids to help calm things down and bring it to a place where it can be maintained on medicines that are not as harsh on the body.
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