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Negative AnA =no lupus??

I was recently tested for several different things because of symptoms that I've been having for awhile.  I was tested for thyroid,  RA and had an ANA.  I'm getting concerned because I have muscle pains, weakness,  paresthesia, joint pains and popping,  fatigue,  dizziness.  I was also recently diagnosed with a heart issue called diastolic dysfunction.  Which is usually caused by hypertension which I don't have.  So we were looking into my symptoms and other causes of this heart problem which is how my doctor came up with these lab tests. My ANA says negative.  RA was a 10.5 out of (0.0-13.9) the thyroid tests are in their ranges.  So I'm just getting very frustrated.  
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17020225 tn?1455749597
I got a CBC test done
My WBC was high 14.9 (3.8-10.8)
Mpv was low 5.0 (6.5-11.7)
NEU was high 82% (42-75)
LYM was low 12% (16-52)1

The rest were
RBC 4.89 (3.90-5.40)
HGB 13.6 (12.0-16.0)
HCT 42.3% (35.0-47.0)
MCV 86.4 (80.0-100.0)
MCH 27.8 (27.0-33.0)
MCHC 32.2 (32.0-37.0)
PLT 309 (130-400)
RDW 12.0% (9.0-15.0)
MONO 5% (0-11)
EOS 0.47% (0.00-7.00)
BASO 0.38% (0.00-4.00)
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