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Positive Ana 1:80 for 12 years

I've had a positive Ana 1:80 for 12 years and been to multiple doctors for severe muscle pain, joint pain, and chronic fatigue. When I'm not in a state of flare, I am a very high energy person. Suddenly, I become overwhelmed with pain from knees, feet, hips, legs, and sometimes elbows that doesn't even allow for a good night of sleep. I have three disc bulges in my neck that were shown on an MRI. I've had a positive SLE test in the past that went back to normal and my ANA is always positive on the low side. My DSDNA has come out borderline for months and is now showing normal. My white blood cell count was low in the past, but that was 8 years ago. I'm in miserable pain and taking 300 mg of plaquenil which I thought had helped, only to return to this misery. I am now additionally taking prednisone. I go to the chiropractor often, but am put of options and am out of patience.
Please help!
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try and find a doc that will give you something that helps .i know your pain 10 years now and still no diagnosis. ana poss joint pain hair lose blood in urine mouth sores extreme fatigue i can go on and on .it is very hard to get a diagnosis these days because of law suits and miss diagnosis doctor just dont want to help god bless
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