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Possible lupus diagnosis and I'm scared.. please help

Hi. I am a 20 y/o female, and about 7 months ago I went to my doctor because of chronic headaches that would last about a month long with migraines about every other day. They have continued since then with only a few days without headaches or migraines.
After months of seeing doctors and getting new prescriptions, one doctor ordered a blood test. She found that I tested ANA positive with a speckled pattern and a titer of 1:40.
Other symptoms that I have are as follows;
1. Headaches/migraines -- somewhat diagnosed as occipital neuralgia
2. Pain in my muscles and joints but only on occasion, particularly my knees, back, wrists, and hips. But after x-rays of all of those areas throughout the past two years the only thing that they found wrong was mild scoliosis in my back and nothing that should be causing pain.
3. I also get UTI's often.
4. My most recent bloodwork stated that I was extremely close to being anemic.
5. I always feel tired and no matter how much I sleep it feels like I can never get enough rest.
6. I have very poor circulation in my hands and feet and I always feel cold. (I live in so. Cal and even in summers if the a.c. is on I freeze and have to grab a sweater.)
7. I get tingling in my hands and feet
8. More recently I have also noticed small clumps of my hair falling out when I'm styling my hair.

I am worried that I might have lupus and my neurologist has ordered another blood test to check my ANA and also a lupus panel. But if anyone has any input it would be much appreciated.

Thank you and happy holidays!
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Hi did you get your diagnosis , I hope you are not so scarred now and are well.
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