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Premature to start hydroxychloroquine for possible, but unconfirmed lupus?

My rheumatologist has diagnosed me with undifferentiated connective tissue disorder, which she thinks is 'likely' lupus. However my symptoms (occasional fatigue and joint pain, previous episodes of leukopenia) aren't enough for a lupus diagnosis. The fatigue and joint pain are manageable and I'm not sure if they could be due to exercise or bad sleeping habits.  My blood test results are all normal except for ANA and ENA:
- ANA positive > 1:800
- anti-Sm High Positive
- anti-RNP High Positive
- anti -SS-A High Positive

Nevertheless, rheumatologist is keen to start me on hydroxychloroquine. Just thought it might be a bit premature given the lack of  symptoms pointing towards lupus. Would love to hear views from others!

Some other info -
I do have occasional hive and eczema outbreaks and consistently weird EKG readings (peaked P wave) , but echocardiograms are normal.  Hands get cold easily and sometimes tingly but never to the point of appearing blue.

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