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Shoulder lump

I have a lump in my right shoulder.  The size and texture change daily.  It can be small and soft, or hard and larger.  It has not really gotten any bigger over the last couple of months (had it for going on four months now) and I have been diagnosed with Lupus since September.  This lump is painful to the touch and sometimes even if its not touched.  I also have swelling of lymph nodes under my right arm, on the right side of my neck, and behind my knees, but the one in my shoulder bothers me because Im scared of what it could be.  It goes down to almost nothing at night and when I get up and start lifting stuff, cleaning house, or moving around it swells up some.  But like I said it has not gotten any larger.  I have noticed lately that I have veins that start at the top of my right(same side) breast and extend up my shoulder and across my chest.  They look like someone has written on me with a marker.  I am fair skinned, so to see veins is not unusual for me, but these are dark and prominent.  I am really scared of what this might be caused by.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Since you have prominent veins on breast and lymph nodes in the armpit, it would be best and wise to undergo a mammography. I do not want to scare you, but since I cannot examine you, I feel the need to rule out cancer.
A lump that increases and decreases in size can either be a lymphnode, a cyst, or an aneurysm in a blood vessel or a localized venous thrombosis or lymphatic channel swelling.
Please schedule an appointment with your doctor at the earliest, as  a confirmed diagnosis is not possible on net. Take care!
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I recently had a mammogram and it was normal.  I was also tested for luekemia and lymphoma and both where hegative.  Im not sure I know what these other things you mentioned mean.
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