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Srange Symptoms - Lupus?

My wife was diagnosed with Lupus about 6 years ago and has been doing very well. About 3 days ago she experienced a sudden severe headache in the right temple area. Blurred/lost vision, black outs, and vomiting shortly followed. She has had it occur several times a day since, with exception of the vomiting. She also complained of lost motor skills; for example, she was helping our young daughter with home work and could not write or print letters or numbers. Each time she gets this pain, her ears ring,  she has trouble seeing, especially in the right eye. It usually gets better within 2-5min
. I am extremely concerned as I cannot get her to go get checked by a doctor. Please advise me as to what I should do.
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This sounds like it is a neurological thing doesn't it. Tell your wife how much you love her and tell her you will support her no matter what they say but the longer you wait the harder it could be and who knows there may be a simple solution. Putting it off only causes more worry. Hope it helps
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I'm not sure whether the symptoms are related to lupus or not, but they certainly should be checked out by a neurologist. It sounds to me like it could be migraines, which I believe are fairly common in people with autoimmune disorders. Headaches on one side, vomiting, vision changes, and weakness can all be related to migraine. Does she recover fully between episodes? If so, then strokes are unlikely but she should be assessed for TIA's (mini stroke) and seizures.

I'm not a doctor -- this is just based on personal experience.
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Sounds alot like cluster or migraine headache, does her eye water and feel stabbing behind the eye 2-5 min is usually a short time for a migraine but sounds just like cluster.  You should look it up to see if it is severe enough to require treatment from hospital.  Good luck hope your wife feels better soon...my experience with cluster headaches is it is very painful and on one side of face eye feels like your eye has a cold just starts watering with know reason.
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