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What does these scores mean.

I went to see my Rheumy yesterday 08/31/09 he checked me over was very concerned he seems to want to help me. I go back to his office Friday 09/04/09 for a bone density test he doesn't think I have Lupus I am ok with that I just want to find answers and start getting help for it I hurt all the time run low grade fever at least once during the day my bones hurt and ache all the time I was diagnosed middle of last month with Inflammatory Bowel Disease he thinks I have some form of arthritis from that. any way sorry taking so long getting to my question. What do these scores mean
Rheum PS Score (4.40)
Rheum FN Score (6.00)

If anyone has an answer I would be grateful for your in-put Thanks!
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I tried to do some research on these levels and it was over my head.  From what I could figure out it had something to do with either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.  I would think rheumatoid since they have sent you to a rheumatologist.  I wished I could help you on this one.
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