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What is it???

I need any help possible. I am a fifteen year old female with terrible skin. My doctor diagnosed me with Lupus but all of the blood results came back negative. With time, the giant "butterfly" rash on my face went away with heavy dosages of steroids. Only to reappear on my hands, and now it has been six months. Not only is there a rash on my hands but now I have a new rash on my face. It is found along my hairline, above my right eye, below the eyebrow, and on the underside of my chin. It looks like someone scratched my chin and it became red and swollen. It is about a half of a centimeter in width. So if I don't have lupus, do you have any idea what it could be? I'm more so concerned about my face rash because it's different so if you have any thoughts, don't be afraid to share. Thank you!
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If you need pictures, I have some
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