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Why did my pcp's office send a letter that lists Lupus as a "Current Health Issue"?

My PCP's office sent me a letter that lists a bunch of "Current Health Issues" and one of them listed is Lupus. I don't understand why it lists Lupus. Let alone why they even sent me the letter. I do think I have Lupus, so I'm not super surprised but I have never been diagnosed with it by a Rheumatologist as far as I know. I mean I guess the Rheumatologist could have diagnosed me with it and just not told me, but I highly doubt it because that's a really serious health problem. My PCP does agree with me that I have Lupus but I don't know why it would be listed as a "Current Health Issue" if they haven't even said they were diagnosing me with it and sending me to a Rheumatologist for treatment. My PCP did say she would put me on Prednisone if I am diagnosed with Lupus by the Rheumatologist. Just to make things clear, it lists it as "Systemic Lupus Erythematosus".
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I'd check your medical records for all of the relevant records wrt autoimmune diseases, cbc's, etc. Then you'll be able to see what could possible be driving this diagnosis or if it's a complete mistake. I've made a spreadsheet for myself containing everything and have a sheet with all 40+ blood tests that my rheumy groups have done wrt autoimmune testing. Then we maybe able to help you understand what's up if the confusion remains.
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