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a possible treatment

I found the following while investigating the benificial effects that 5 mg of benadryl every 4 to 6 hours has had on my condition (mitochondrial dysfunction).  

"Institution: Stanford University


Researchers in Dr. Lawrence Steinman's laboratory at Stanford have developed a new strategy for treating or preventing autoimmune diseases with antihistamines. Using the EAE mouse model for multiple sclerosis (MS), the inventors have shown that the disease course and severity can be ameliorated with daily administration of antihistamine. This approach has the potential for treating MS with less side-effects and more convenient dosing than current therapeutic interventions.

Stage of Research

EAE mice treated daily with anti-histamine receptor 1 have decreased disease severity and delayed onset of the disease compared to controls. Also, treatment with antihistamine receptor 1 leads to significant changes in the serum IgG recognition of some healthy brain antigenic targets.


Safe - antihistamines are established drugs with less severe side effects than current MS treatments e.g., interferon-beta, glatiramer acetate, high-dose IV immunoglobulins, monoclonal antibodies against a-4 integrin and steroids)

Convenient - oral administration is easier for patients costs to produce and store these compounds are lower than existing treatments


I have been putting this info out on the web for a bit now, following is feedback from a diagnosed MS patient:

"My wife, who was diagnosed with MS in 2006, has been taking 5 mg of Benadryl every four hours for about three weeks now. She has experienced a dramatic increase in energy, an end to persistent conjunctivitis (redness of the eyes), and has not needed to apply her metronidazole cream for rosacea. She has also been able to stop taking Tramadol three times daily for back pain. The pain is still there, but it is more easily treated with the occasional NSAID or 5 mg of Valium. Here is a link to a patent application .pdf covering this treatment in greater detail. It is very technical, but it might be interesting to physicians and others with a scientific background. My wife takes slightly less than half a teaspoon of generic children's Benadryl (diphenhydramine) every four hours."

5mg of benadryl equals 1ml of the adult liquid or 2ml of the childrens

at this dose cost is less than $5.00 per month

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