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autoimune disease

this last year I have been sicker than I have ever been in my life with various different symptoms each time that I would have a flare up of something ( I'm thinking auto immune disease of some sort).  So, here have been my symtoms;  1)face rash around chin area, up side of cheeks over nose and then above my eyebrows this happened 5
                   times this year.
                 2) leg pain (muscles)
                 3) feet are blue and tingly
                 4) extreme fatigue
                 5) memory & concentration problems
                 6) severe agitation
                 7) headaches

So, I went to my Doctor & she ran some blood test's ANA less than 1:40
SED rate 4
but;  my MCV was 81 barely above normal standard range and
             MCH- 25 lower than normal standard range and
             MCHC- 31 lower than normal standard range;  and my Leukocyte esterase was elevated higher than last time blood test's were done and flagged by Doctor.

What does it sound like I may have?
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I cannot speak to the ANA and SED rates... b/c my memory fails me too!
But Oh my gosh! But you've just described so much of what I've been through in the past ten years! The extreme fatigue, brain fog, headaches, poor circulation, AND the rash on your face and neck! They Now Say that I never should have been diagnosed with systemic lupus, but I definitely have the discoid lupus ~ marked by the rash on my arms, upper back, neck, and face including above my eyebrows...
I take plaquenil and that controls most of the rash and that, as the basic sun allergy symptoms. Plaquenil has been described as a Mother's Milk for rheumatiod arthritis symptoms, but they found that it's also the only known med to control the skin rash associated with discoid lupus!
I hope your doctor can get you started on an initial treatment so that your symptoms may be relieved!! I don't like the steroids... but taking them, initially, ten day treatment, got the discoid symptoms under control! I lost most of my hair! So, I got a short hair cut; thank heavens the hair grows back! Perhaps your doctor will be able to consult with a rheumatologist! Lupus is an autoimmune disorder, but it has such a catch all of symptoms! All of which you described! As I've been saying a lot this morning... keep coming back to MedHelp! You'll find people that know Much More than I do about all of these tests, symptoms, etc. There's a lot of support here!
I have to avoid night shade plants... potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, etc. because they bring on the achy joints and limbs! I also feel like a walking barometer sometimes; the barometric pressure seems to affect my aching bones too.
Have you started using Equal or Nutrasweet (asparteme) ? The tests aren't definitive, but there seems to be some connection with this artificial sweetener, and different neurological related conditions. Peace & Respect ~ Woshi.
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Those are symptoms for anemia, Lupus, Sjogrens Syndrome, Raynauds, Leukopenia, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and Thalassemia--as well as many other things.  The docs have their work cut out for them.  Good luck!  They will figure it out!  eventually!
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hang in there.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming at first, but with patience and persistance you can get treatmento that will help you symptoms.  do not give up, and do not trust every one in a white coat.  I speak from experience, you can go from a horrible situation to a pretty good, healthy life if you manage your conditions.  give your self credit.
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This is the best forum i have ever found i am reading and learning, i have a brain malformation called a Chiari and learned more from people who had it than i did from DRS.  babe08170
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