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c-reactive protein

I have been struggling with health issues for a couple years now. More recently I have been having extreme indescribable fatigue, nausea, restlessness and joint pain.....

I had just had a lot of the basic testing done until my pcp decided to do some more in depth bloodwork. My CRP came back in the 30's (I think it was like 36 or 38 something), but my ANA was negative. one of my drs said this was not a VERY high crp...but from what I have read...this is pretty high....I have been on BC pills to regulate my cycle...and I am 100+lbs overweight..I also take about 600mg ibuprofin 5-6x/week I was wondering if these factors would be enough to account for the high CRP...or if it is still very high, even considering those factors. Despite my weight, my total cholesterol  about 152 HDL was about 60 LDL was about 90, trigs were about 70...my bp is also chronically low avg runs about 95/55, which could be contributing to this fatigue.

does this sound like lupus? is this indeed a high CRP? I was also tested for lyme, which they re-tested, and came back neg. I don't know where to go now.
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I would advise you to ask your dr. to test your thyroid.  It could be hashimoto thyroiditis.  

Was your WBC or lymphs high too?
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Hi thanks for responding something about my WBC came back high but it wasn't just WBC it was something else on the WBC profile I will check when I get home my albumin came back low at 3.2 but they said it was fine b/c my prealbumin was normal. I have had 2 TPO antibodies tests and they both came back at <10 my thyroid levels have NOT been stable the pas couple years and yet I still have to ask when I want my levels tested. Isn't it routine for someone on thyroid meds to get tested every few months? My last levels were taken in june. Is there ANYTHING you can ingest that has any possibilty of interfering with the TpO test? And I was told the antibodies are always there but then told that they only are present after a flare up. I haven't had any goiters (except a slight swelling of the L side of my thyroid a couple yrs ago but I have certainly had levels that fluctuate, and I began on 25mcg of levo in jan 09 and was increased to 50 in dec of 09 I have mentioned how debilitating the fatigue is and they don't mention thyroid or they mention it and then don't order the test....it seems the mentality with my drs is if we test something once and its normal we never test it again....I dunno this has just been going on so long I am praying to get a dx soon, just anything to label my illness so I know I'm not crazy...I have to have faith that every bazzare symptom I've had in the last 2+ yrs will all make sense someday
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