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elevated liver enzymes???

I am 19yrs old i have been in great health. in jan. 07 i had severe pains (in my liver) liver was swollen and i wasnt geting a lot of air in my right lung. pain calmed down about 2weeks later. My bllod tests revieled my ALT, AST, AND AP enzymes were slightly elevated, they started to go down by april and now here it is in october and my enzymes are elevated again??? what is goin on? im not a drinker, use to 2yrs ago when i was really young. could it be autoimmune hep.?????
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Hi.  I'm in sort of the same boat you are in.  My liver enzymes are elevated and I can't get a straight answer from anyone, my primary care doctor or my rheumatologist.  My rheumy thinks it's the Vytorin my primary recently put me on, she says no.  My rheumy wants to put me on methotrexorate but not until my liver enzymes go down!!  
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Had the same problem, Liver enzymes and pancrease enzymes can go up if you have GallStones.
You do not have to have a Gallbladder to have stones in your bile duct, this is important.  You may have a stone in your Gallbladder or your bile duct and once it gets stuck you will get yellow in your eye lids and skin, vomit yellow or dark green.  It is not uncommon to have right shoulder pain also. If you eat a Whopper and have severe pain under your right rib..you have stones!!!  You will have difficulty getting air because of the pain, you will start to hyperventalate. Spelling???

The Epstein-Barr virus also causes liver values to rise and go down.
This is the closest thing I have read to what I'm going through. Did you personally struggle with this. I would love to hear your story. Magen.***@****
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