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is lupus or not?

My Dr said I tested positive for lupus about 2 months ago. But my rheumatologist is convinced its just allergies' cause I don't have a rash on my face. I have extreme pain in my hands, after walking for only 10 mins my feet go numb, I have pain in my feet, i have rashes on different parts of my body, i have very dry eyes and very sensitive skin. If its not lupus what else could i have???
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If your blood test said positive why would the rhum argue? Let her do another blood test to check. Everyone is very different and you don't need a rash on your face, you need help. My grand-daughter (dx aged 13) sees many different specialists according to which symptoms are giving her probs, including rashes and sensitive skin. Good Luck
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I do not understand doctors.  Diagnosing is about their test and numbers. I need a Doctor to listen to me too. After being in the sun, I experienced  my heart to swell , deep breathing  icy cold body and extreme anxiety, furthermore,  these symptoms and a positive 1:80. I was told does not indicate an autoimmune.  I'm with ya. What does?

tbaron81 I bet theses symptoms you experience are one of many. Keep track of unusual ones, like a hoarseness( an inability to scream), or the feeling of something in your eye,when there isn't.

best wishes to all

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I was prescribed 50,000 units of vitamin D. Take one a week for 12 weeks.
My vitamin d level is at 26.54 and 30 is considered low.

I am nervous to take such a big dose of vitamin D. Could this deficiency be the yanking and stretching sensation on my connective tissue?

Thank You
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A Lupus dx is very complicated.

I would side with a Rheumatologist instead of a GP for an accurate Lupus dx
Positive tests do not mean necessarily positive like a positive ANA, may not be considered positive till at least 1:160

50,000 IU of D3 if taken along with K2, will minimize vitamin D toxicity.
Vitamin K2 helps drive calcium, metabolized by vitamin D, to get deposited
in the bones, joints and teeth, instead of soft tissues. Neat isn't it?

One thing to be aware of, is Vitamin D Resistance.
Obesity, Low cholesterol and VDR polymorphism are some of the main causes.

Look into ruling out low thyroid function, by getting Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 tests.
The standard thyroid serum tests, TSH, T3 and T4 cannot detect type 2 hypothyroidism/thyroid-resistance, which is more prevalent than type 1.

Unregulated or under-regulated Low thyroid function is a possible Lupus precursor.

Best wishes,
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