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low cost med prescriptions

Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:36 pm (PDT)
$7 Per Prescription Per Month Program

http://prescription hope.com

Who We Are

We are a solution for low income individuals, families, disabled people, and seniors on Medicare, to one of the most difficult problems in the health care system - providing affordable access to prescription medication.

More than 40 million people in the U.S. cannot afford adequate health care, 19 million of those 40 million did not get needed prescribed medicine do to cost. Currently more than 80 pharmaceutical manufactures provide to the uninsured and under insured more than 1,500 brand name prescription medications at no cost. Each pharmaceutical company establishes its own rules and guidelines with qualifications based on annual income and several other factors. This is an extremely time consuming process that can cause a great deal of confusion and frustration. Due to the difficulty of completing and maintaining the required paperwork, forms and the never ending red tape only about 3% of those who apply on their own ever receive medication.

Prescription Hope has years of experience on how to handle all the different pharmaceutical companies requirements. Working on behalf of eligible individuals, we provide medication for a $7 per prescription, per month service fee. No other medication fees, No application fees, and No other hidden costs.

What We Offer

We offer over 1,500 brand name medications including:

Abilify Allegra Celexa Chantix
Celebrex Depakote Effexor Geodon
Lexapro Lipitor Nexium Plavix
Pravachol Paxil Prozac Risperdal
Seroquel Singular Wellbutrin Zoloft

Do You Qualify for Prescription Hope?

You may qualify for Prescription Hope if you earn $20,800 or less per year as a single individual, or $31,000 or less as a couple.

Do not have prescription insurance coverage, but may have health insurance. You may have a discount prescription drug card and still qualify.

Do not participate in Medicaid.

HMO participants do qualify.
All medication must be FDA approved.
No Age limit.
This is not a discount card. This is not an insurance product.

Prescription Hope has access to over 1,500 brand name medication.
Brand name medication directly from the pharmaceutical companies.

Brand name medication for a $7 per prescription, per month service fee.

Prescription Hope works directly with your doctor to assist you in receiving your medication.

Prescription Hope manages the process of automatically refilling your medications.

Applicants complete minimal paperwork once approved for the program.
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