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lupus rash

About 3 weeks ago my armpit skin top layer was peeled off in a circular shape with the surrounding skin all dry and flaky.

I went to the derm, he said most likely a fungus been applying cream for 2 weeks and it seems the same.

Today I noticed a red circular rash around the outer area of my armpit. Can this be lupus? Does a lupus rash ever show up on the armpit like this? What should I do. Thank you!
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It could be lupus, lyme disease, a bug bite, a reaction to the cream, or many other things.  You would need to the derm again.  If it's a fungus, try vicks vaporub.  see what that does.  i know fungus of the toe nail will stop of you cover your toe nail with vicks vaporub.  
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The dry, flaky, and peeling sounds like lupus, but it's rare in the arm pits. Discoid Lupus lesions generally appear as a Wolf mask on the face with the redness going down the neck, and on the arms, neck, and shoulders/upper back ~ anywhere on the upper body that you'd generally have sun exposure, even if the upper back is protected from the sun. Have the dermy give you a new cream; there are samples you can get ~ and creams that will knock out any known fungus.
Steroid creams ~ triamcinilone, clobetasol, etc. can be damaging to the skin, but they will reduce any inflammation. Just plan on using sun screen for the rest of your life b/c they'll also deteriorate the layers of your skin in the process, making you much more vulnerable to any UV exposure.
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I was told I had fibromyalgia several years ago.  I was also told Due to a positive ANA test and other symptoms I could develop Lupus.  I had a (circular spots) rash across my upper back and chest starting at about age 13 until I was about 27 it was lighter then my other skin until I would get in the sun then it would turn very red some times dry.  I no longer have that rash, but I do get a rash across my nose, checks, and forehead now .  It is a red rash sometimes it is  dry and it sometimes itches.  When I get this rash I also have a rash on my scalp I compare it to that of a baby with cradle cap.  It comes and goes not sure if it is brought on by major stress or medications.  seems the two usually go hand and hand.  When I get really stressed I shack like I am freezing to death. Could that be a symptom or just anxiety?  How can I make sure I have not developed  Lupus?    
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The only way to be really sure is to go to a rhuemetologist Get them to do testing. That is the only way to tell for sure.
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